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Our marionette theme game will take you to the mysterious and fantastical world of the puppets and marionettes. They are the forgotten members of the circus, subjected to the whim and will of their puppet master. These realistic dolls are beautiful artwork created by a highly skilled toy maker.

At a glance these puppets look very similar to real humans. They have eyes, faces, arms, and legs. But they are not alive. These marionettes look at the us watching them and wonder if they can really be free from the strings of the puppet master, where they are not just another puppet in a child’s toy collection.

These puppets and marionettes have very sad expressions. They might stay beautiful forever. If they can talk, they might wish to have a life on their own, but their puppet master will never allow it. As a puppet, they belong in the circus and toy stores where everyone can admire their beauty. Are you the first human who can breathe magic into these puppets and bring them to life?

Start playing the most exciting hidden object game with the most beautiful and dramatic theme! There are many hidden picture games but there are only a few who can offer exciting and varied gameplay with endless hours of fun. With 200 levels in Campaign mode, Free Play mode, Mini Games, and Daily Rewards, you won’t find other hidden pictures games that offer so much excitement.

The objective of hidden objects is to search objects on the list and find them all to complete a level. Find all the objects required to earn coins and use them to unlock more levels. Get more coins from daily rewards or by playing bonus levels.


Gorgeous HD quality game design.
High Quality and enjoyable background music.
200 levels of fun gameplay in Campaign mode.
Find objects by their names, pictures, or silhouettes.
Exciting mini games!
Hints to help you when you are desperate.
Daily Rewards and Bonus Levels to earn more coins!

Discover more secrets hidden in this game as you play! Finish all the levels and solve the mystery of the hidden items. The best strategy to find all the objects required is to use your sharp eyes to look for the largest objects first and use Hints sparingly.

It is not an easy task to reveal all the secrets hidden in this game. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery or will you give up before you finish all the levels in this hidden objects game?

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Enjoy these fantastical puppet themed scenes today!

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