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Phatpuppy presents the FREE "Super Sleuth - Kingdom of Dreams"!

Embark on an adventure into the land of the surreal, where the weird and wicked are the norm. Journey across mysterious realms, with sights to behold and ponder! The Kingdom of Dreams awaits you, dreamwalker!

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Sleuth? Find hidden items among the amazing images using the magnifying glass and clues.

Three different ways to play:
MAGNIFY Mode: Use the magnifying glass to hunt for hidden items!
LOGIC Mode: Use clues about the shape, color, and location of an item to find it!
WORDPLAY Mode: Each clue reveals more letters of the item you must find!

Magnify Mode is like a Hidden Object game where you use the magnifying glass to reveal parts of the picture. The clues in Logic Mode help you narrow down what you are looking for, and the challenge is to find the item using as few clues as possible. Wordplay Mode is a clever combination of Hidden Object and Hangman - a must for those who enjoy word games. Choose your favorite among the three awesome game modes or play them all!

Kingdom of Dreams contains 7 artistically-crafted levels, filled with items.

Enjoy :)

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