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Test your knowledge of words with WordRage. Make words and earn points. Two modes of play

Classic Mode
Make as many words as possible from the jumbled word given to you on-screen to achieve your target.

Skip a jumbled word if you run out of words to create. A skip costs you points. The 'Blue Word' gets you a free skip.

In Rage Mode you earn bonus points for each word you make. The higher the Rage Combo the more bonus points you earn.

The 'Rage Word' gets you into Rage Mode faster.

Blitz Mode

Three minutes to make as many words as you can.

Infinite word skips..

Rage is your friend.

Points breakdown

3 letter word - 30 points
4 letter word - 40 points
5 letter word - 50 points
Rage word - 100 points fills up rage completely if empty
Skip word - gives you a free skip points depending on it's size(Classic Mode)

A Skip - deducts 200 points from your score. (Classic Mode)

Rage Bonus points - 50 x Rage combo number

So for example in rage mode if you find a 3 letter word which is the 5th word(Rage Combo x 5) you find in Rage mode..
Then you get Bonus points - Bonus x 5 = 250 (Bonus is 30 for first 3 levels and 50 from thereon in Classic mode)
This plus the points 30 points given to a 3 letter word... For a total of 250 30 = 280 points..
So the higher the Rage combo the more bonus points you get.

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