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Lucid Dreams is a vividly beautiful "What's the Item?" game!

8 levels packed full of items... and surreal environments. Let your imagination run free and enjoy Lucid Dreams!

"What's the Item?" is a game that cleverly combines the traditional Hangman style of word game with the visual searching in Hidden Object. When searching for an item, you flip "Clue Cards" that reveal letters of the item's name. The items and clues will change each time you play, meaning you can play many times for a different experience. Later clues will reveal what the item looks like and show a hint if you get stuck. Think hangman or Wheel of Fortune, but with hidden objects!

But wait, there's more! A second way to play, "Logic mode" is also included. In this mode the clues reveal information about the item's shape, location, colors, and name. This helps you narrow down what you are looking for, and the challenge is to find the item using as few clues as possible.

Both modes are suitable for kids and adults and are a great workout for your brain cells!


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