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The perfect combination of learning and fun for preschool & kindergarten kids!

Over 40 educational games covering Phonics, Numbers & Math, and Vocabulary & Words - kids play to earn stickers - then use the stickers to get things for their avatar!

Number Monster, Counting, Numbers, Comparing Numbers, Simple Addition, Simple Subtraction, Advanced Addition, Advanced Subtraction
Learn the sounds of each letter of the alphabet.
Dinosaurs, Musical Instruments, Farm Animals, Safari Animals, Forest Animals, Jungle Animals, Transport Vehicles, Parts of the Face, Fruits & Vegetables, Shapes, Colors of the Rainbow

Sticker Academy 2 is an educational game to help kids with early learning. It is the perfect mix of fun and learning...combining educational games with two things that kids love – stickers and avatars! Play to earn cool reward stickers – then use those stickers to customize your avatar! Kids have the choice of avatars – princess OR car (a coupe, a monster truck, or an F1 racer).

The educational games focus on early learning for preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school children – numbers & math, ABCs & phonics, and words & vocabulary. Over 40 educational games to choose from!

- Choose your avatar – beautiful princess or cool car!
- Personalise your avatar – choose skin tone, eyes, hair style, hair color, and lips for the princess OR choose between a coupe, a monster truck, or an F1 racer (in multiple colors) for the car.
- Poke the princess or car to get a response!
- Over 40 educational games – numbers & math, ABCs & phonics, and words & vocabulary!
- Over 2000 different stickers!
- Use the stickers to get dresses & accessories for your princess OR decals & parts for your car!
- Save your Avatar and/or your Reward Stickers to your image gallery to print, share, etc.

SUBJECTS: Children are able to choose from over 40 different educational mini-games – basic early learning (preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school):
- Learn numbers & basic math
- Learn the English alphabet and phonics.
- Learn basic English words and vocabulary – plus the related sounds
- More coming…

CUSTOMIZE YOUR RIDE: Decals and parts (including a rocket) can only be purchased with stickers – and stickers can only be earned by learning! There are over 2000 different stickers to keep the children inspired.

DRESS UP YOUR PRINCESS: Dresses and accessories (including some very cute pets) can only be purchased with stickers – and stickers can only be earned by learning! There are over 2000 different stickers to keep the children inspired.

PICTURES ARE GREAT! Best of all…children are able to save the pictures – kids are able to save both the Reward Sticker Page and the picture of their customized Avatar!

Just to be clear…Sticker Academy has no advertisements, no login requirements, and collects no personal information. All stickers, dresses, and accessories are earned through playing. We realize that kids are playing, so we wanted to make sure to create a proper environment for them.

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