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- Sudoku is the great logic game, brain training Sudoku!
- The best brain developing game for the children's intelligence improvement!
- Sudoku the best of logic puzzle that you can enjoy everyday.
- Sudoku Gallery consist of different difficulties so even the beginners can easily enjoy the game.
- Try to collect the world's masterpieces with Sudoku gallery.

*Sudoku rules*
- Sudoku is composed of 9x9 grid.
- There are some given numbers when the game starts, and they cannot be changed.
- The purpose of the game is to fill in the empty spaces according to the regulations based on the given numbers.
1. Numbers 1~9 will be used single time in 9 horizontal spaces.
2. Numbers 1~9 will be used single time in 9 vertical spaces.
3. In a small box of 3x3=9 boxes, numbers 1~9 will be used single time.

- Undo/Redo
- Auto-Fill Notes Option
- Auto-Clear Notes Option
- Four perfectly balanced difficulty levels
- Auto Error-Checking
- Save & continue game

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