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Slip into the role of the air traffic controller and master flight routes at airports around the world. Play this addictive game - easy to learn but hard to stop!

Tap the screen in this " line- drawing " game to move passenger aircrafts, helicopters, military jets and the air ambulance to their destinations without the risk of a collision.

Learn to land the aircraft at the strips around the world. Move forward from test operation to a successfull airport opening. Every airport is its own challenge!

Check the newspaper of the day to celebrate your magnificent success story or learn about the horrifying disaster!

Collect all achievements like 50 landings in a game and submit your best results to the online scoring.

• Play all 9 magnificient locations: Gibraltar, Barra, Sao Paulo, Macau, Antarctica, Madeira, St. Maarten, Bangkok and Osaka!
• Experience 45 levels with unique airfields and flight characteristics
• Control different types of aircraft like military jets, helicopters, air ambulance and seaplanes to their destinations.
• Play level mode and choose your airports from the world map or play the endless mode!
• Set your new personal record and submit your score to the online leaderboard!
• Master all 15 achievements of Crazy Airports and become a successful air traffic controller!

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