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Honey Taste Alphabet
—for future friends

Have you been learning Uyghur language for too long? Do you want to be proud that you can read and write Uyghur language? Here is the perfect App for you to do exactly that- Honey Taste Uyghur Alphabet. This newly invented gaming platform has combined soothing voices, symbolic pictures and example sentences to teach you our beautiful alphabets in the comfort of your own time! You will even be able to enjoy the new Uyghur alphabet song using the interactive tap tap game whenever you want!

Additionally, after you have mastered the Uyghur alphabet, you can show off your new language skills by writing in Uyghur using the touch screen function. Ready for the challenge?

? Soothing background music
? Sentences combined with explanatory pictures
? New alphabet song
? Correct accent with lovely voices
? Multi-language help system (Chinese, English, French, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, German)
? Able to share with friends
? Interactive Tap-Tap game
? Draw and learn the Alphabet

We hope that you will listen, learn and enjoy our beautiful Uyghur language through the Honey Taste Uyghur Alphabet Apps!

Qarluq Media Tech Co,.ltd.

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