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StudioEmotion is happy to announce the creation of the first Autism Android Application "AutismXpress", designed to encourage people with autism to recognize and express their emotions through its fun and easy to use interface.

Autism is a lifelong disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to other people and the world around them.

Those affected typically display major impairments in three areas: social interaction, communication and behavior (restricted interests and repetitive behaviors).

Part of the reason for creating AutismXpress is that people with autism have trouble interpreting emotions and understanding what different facial expressions may represent.

1 in 160 children have autism in some form, making it twice as common as cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, childhood deafness or blindness and ten times more common than childhood leukemia.

Despite the prevalence of this condition, for which there is no cure, awareness and access to appropriate services remains remarkably low.

As part of our continued commitment to helping families living and dealing with Autism on a day to day basis, we also have a Pro version with additional levels, AutismXpress Pro.

AutismXpress Pro features 2 totally new games, which are both also designed to help sufferers of Autism identify and express their emotions.

A BIG thanks to all those who download this app and for the feedback provided, which will go a long way to helping in the development of more levels in the AutismXpress Pro version which is also available on the Android market:

A percentage of any revenue generated from the sale of the Pro version will be re-invested into the creation of upgrades and new Autism aid, based games.


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