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EnerNOC pioneers mobile energy management with this new application for Android! React more quickly to demand response dispatches, manage performance on the go, monitor energy usage trends and identify opportunities for greater efficiency, all in a secure, intuitive, mobile-optimized application.

EnerNOC is the world’s leading provider of demand response applications and services. The EnerNOC app expands upon the rich features already included in EnerNOC’s web-based energy management platform. Commercial, institutional, and industrial energy users who utilize EnerNOC’s DemandSMART™ to participate in demand response or EfficiencySMARTTM to promote continuous energy efficiency will now be able to manage demand response dispatch performance on the go, monitor energy use trends, and identify opportunities for greater efficiency in the EnerNOC app.

Key features of the app include:

• Demand Response Dispatch Management: App users get an at-a-glance view of dispatches occurring throughout their portfolio of facilities. No matter if they’re managing a single site or a dozen spread across the globe, the EnerNOC app summarizes performance so that energy managers can focus their efforts on where they matter most.

• Mobile-Optimized Energy Profiling: EnerNOC’s customers have saved millions of dollars by tracking their real-time energy usage through EnerNOC’s energy management software. The EnerNOC app offers site-by-site energy data, including intuitive charts and key measurements of maximum, minimum, and average kilowatt demand, as well as load factor. Data refreshes automatically so that customers can be sure they are looking at up-to-the-minute information.

• One Click Access to Relevant Staff: For multi-facility organizations, coordination is essential. The EnerNOC app centralizes staff contact information within each facility record so that energy managers can be certain that their key contacts are informed about demand response performance and other energy management objectives. A call or an email is just a click away.

• Site-by-Site Search: Energy managers need clear ways to organize their facilities. The EnerNOC app’s built-in search function helps them key in on the facility they’re targeting, whether they’re managing a dozen sites or several hundred.

• Secure Sign-In: EnerNOC customers use their current secure username and password to access the app, ensuring that their energy data is protected and secure.

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