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In Ancient Rome, gladiators were surrounded by glory and showed their abilities at the Coliseum.
Today, you are going back in time being in charge of a ballista, a machine that shoots darts.
Your mission is to collect all coins spread out at the Coliseum.
Collect coins, convert their value to Roman numerals and continue in charge until you become a true Roman gladiator!

Working with Roman numerals and relating them to our numbering system helps children to understand Math and also the history of numbers!
The game brings a playful and meaningful approach to this subject, relating it to Ancient Rome, a time in which these numbers were used.

Objectives to the student:
- Learn the Roman number system
- Understand the rules to write these numerals
- Write and read Roman numerals
- Associate these numbers to present time, realizing where to find them
- Memorize what was learned in class

Objectives to the teacher:
- Offer a playful and meaningful teaching resource for working with Roman numerals
- Reinforce content learned in the classroom

Suggestion for an approach:
- This game is an excellent tool to memorize Roman numerals, but it can also be used as an introduction to the subject, associating it to previous knowledge that the children already have.
- Suggest that the game be played individually or with a partner.
In pairs, children have the opportunity to discuss it, exchange ideas and knowledge, besides interacting with each other.
- During the game, the 2 children will have 3 chances to get the correct answer in writing the Roman numerals. If they can't find the correct answer, it the screen will display it.
To ensure memorizing content, it is important for each pair to have paper and pencil to register each time they play: write the number according to our number system and on the side the same number represented in Roman numerals.
- Use these records to elaborate suggestions in the classroom.
- Create other questions related to the content worked on in class.
For example:
* Solve the problems in Roman numerals:
3 x 5 =
2 x 4 =

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