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2 Thumbs Way - Impossible game

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Prepare your thumbs for a long and funny journey! Try to avoid obstacles and find your way out with your thumbs!

Two Thumbs Way is a speed challenging game where you have to follow the paths, the ways, at the same time, with both of your thumbs! A good mix of concentration, speed and luck! Avoid walls and obstacles if you don't want to die in this impossible road!!!

At the begining, it seems kind of impossible... But you will get it sooner than you think!

When you unlock achievements, they add a bonus to your final score (making it easier to unlock new achievements)

Check the leaderboard to see how are you doing in the game. Check your progress, achievements and statistics to see how to improve your score!

And of course, Enjoy this original variation of the "follow the path" or "follow the way" games!

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