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Branislav Ratkovica and Jimmy McKinney are players of the WALTER Tigers Tübingen in the Basketball-Bundesliga. They are very competitive and always want to be the best. Of course they show this every weekend on the court fighting for their club in the Beko BBL and fans. Also of the court the competition does not stop. It goes on in the locker room even after the practice or the game. In the beginning of the season it so happened that Bane wanted to throw his sweaty sock into the trashcan after practice. He opened the trashcan lid to late and the sock flew through the whole locker room right into Jimmy’s face. I guess you can imagine what happened then …

Now it is your turn. Are you better than Jimmy and Bane? They both are right around the 320 meter mark.
Try to time the fall of the sock so it gets hit by the opening trashcan lid. If you open the trashcan to early or to late the sock you will not beat Bane’s and Jimmy’s record.

Discover while playing all the things, which are placed in the Paul-Horn-Arena, like e.g. the banners of the fanclubs the Neckar Tigers and the Tuefosi10, the skateboard decks of Bogdan Radosavljevic, Till Joenke and Michael Cuffee; or find the doors of Vladimir Mihailovic, Anatoly Kashirov, Jonathan Wallace, Augustine Rubit, Julian Albus,  Aleksandar Nadjfeji or our coach Igor Perovic.

Have fun with the new Tigerliebe game “Throw da sock”.

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