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About Blue Room Escape Games

• Complex escape scenario
• Fun puzzle to solved
• Find Hidden Objects
• Eye-catching game

Every escape game is an adventure and this one it’s a fun one! You have to escape from a blue room, using some keys, clues and of course your intuition.

The secret is to pay attention at every detail and search every corner of the room. Only this way you will find missing objects and parts from our escape puzzle. It’s not a hard game, you just need to use your brain to figure out how you can escape quickly from this annoying room

Do your best and don’t give up, I assure you that you’ll succeed. If you get into a point where nothing works out for you, read the walk-through for next directions. Wish you good luck!

The objective of this escape game is to find the main clue for escaping
Find all the six flowers in the room
Find two flowers from the front desk and on the right side
Use the color code from the clock and use it in the top light for a ball. Use the ball in the chair for a numbered piece.
Take a flower from the right top light.
Find a numbered piece from the left top image. Use the number from the bottom book and use it in the toy to get another ball. Use the ball in the chair for another numbered piece.
Get a key from the shelf in the front. Use the key in the left side keyhole to get a flower.
Get another numbered piece in the pot in the left side.
Get a three digit number from the tv and use it in the puzzle below the sofa to get another flower.
Get another flower from the jar in the front and also on the right.
Get a flower and a numbered piece from the right side cupboards.
Use all the flowers in the flower wash and get a key. Use the key in the right side keyhole and get a numbered puzzle piece.
Use all the numbered puzzle piece to get the main clue for escaping. Good luck.

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