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Baking Macarons - Cooking Game

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About Baking Macarons - Cooking Game

Every kid loves macarons so why not learn how it’s made? Come on, join our virtual kitchen and cook the most interesting dessert recipe.

In this cooking game you will learn how to cook a delicious recipe called Macarons, which is very popular around world. There are some steps you have to follow but it’s very easy and will be a lot of fun.
It’s a very simply recipe but you need to pay attention at the ingredients you are using. First you have to mix the ingredients until you have a perfect macarons composition. Then you have to add food colorant to make your composition look delicious. In this cooking game we use pink and green.
In a tray for cookies, make some shapes out of your macaroons composition and bake it for few minutes. Fill them with cream and serve it right away…delicious!!!

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