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About Angel Tarot Cards & Astrology

Benefit from the centuries-old wisdom that angels carry within and find out more about yourself with the help of the Angel Tarot Cards. The angel's predictions can give you the faith you need to make your dreams come true and provide additional insights to your horoscope. This fortune teller & card reader app will give you the predictions that will guide you through various life ordeals. The Angel Tarot Cards are inspired by deep astrology & zodiac knowledge.

Evidence of the angels’ presence among us has existed for ages. These invisible and elevated spiritual beings have the mission to guide us delicately and render support in various situations. The daily reading will guide you through the next few days and can give you instant answers to your most urgent questions. Several Tarot spreads included in the app will give you more detailed insights, answers and yes or no guidance to your long-term questions. They are also excellent additions to your horoscope. The comprehensive meanings of each cards & symbol found in your spread will give you irreplaceable knowledge for your fortune and could expand your knowledge about your zodiac sign.

In their essence, angels are guardians and messengers, and one of their main tasks is to deliver the personal messages the Universe has for us! Angel Tarot is one of the ways you can connect with these invisible helpers and find out what you want to know about your fortune, love life, compatibility, and life in general.

Features of this Tarot reader app:
• Daily card reading to provide
• Several spreads for instant answers to your questions
• Angel's Encyclopedia for the most in-depth knowledge
• Journal to keep track of your readings daily
• A deck of 32 beautiful cards, specially created for maximum authenticity
• Nice design and easy navigation
• Variety of classic & modern Tarot spreads which provide essential addition to any horoscope or astrology reading
• Unique and detailed meanings of each card, inspired by Tarot & Numerology
• Important astrology symbols found in the cards for each Tarot reading you make.
• A must-have addition to your zodiac sign analysis & live card reader sessions

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