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About REAL: Find Your Dream House

REAL is the social app taking the real estate world by storm! Connect with fellow real estate enthusiasts and experts, explore stunning properties and have fun while finding your dream home.

REAL was started by real estate agents to remove the hassles and barriers from the traditional home buying process.

For agents, REAL empowers you to take back control of your listings. We believe you should be discovered and rewarded for your expert insights and high quality content. We will never require ad spend to be seen or ask you to share your commission. Allow your personality to shine and grow your followers to attract new leads!

For all users, REAL makes finding your dream home a reality. Our personalized agent insights and curated content create an engaging experience tailored to you. View the most accurate and relevant information to focus only on what matters most and turn your real estate goals into a reality!

REAL revolutionizes how you search, discover and celebrate the world’s best properties.

Search and Discover:
News Feed allows you to stay connected with your favorite agents and properties through a striking visual gallery. Dive into a captivating world of stunning houses complete with real estate agent property ratings and insights. Our Explore function unlocks a treasure trove of homes you never knew existed. Search the features that matter most to you, rather than arbitrary listings which require you to endlessly dig until you find what you like. Browse the eye-catching photos of RealPin, dynamic RealMoment video content and informative descriptions that will transport you straight into your future home.

Create compelling content:
Show off your personality and market expertise and become the next real estate influencer. REAL’s proprietary algorithm allows every agent to be discovered organically and grow their audience to increase leads. Build a loyal following by creating standout content that showcases what makes you and your properties unique. RealMoment allows you to make bite-sized video content that highlights the most fun features in every home. REAL provides you with the tools to make your influence skyrocket and your business grow.

Connect and Engage:
REAL is committed to bringing the real estate community together. Break down communication barriers and complex processes by connecting with a vibrant group that shares your passion and interests. Whether you’re an agent, buyer, seller, investor, or simply someone with a passion for unique properties, REAL brings everyone together. Our Chat feature connects all industry stakeholders together under one platform, simplifying the process of finding your dream home.

Never Miss a Beat:
Stay in the know with instantaneous notifications that keep you ahead of the game! Access the hottest listings with exclusive agent insights, market trends, and exciting real estate events happening locally or around the world. REAL ensures you’re always in the loop, able to make informed decisions and prepared to pounce at the opportune moment.

Say goodbye to the ineffective tools of the past and have fun with your home search.

Get REAL - the #1 social app for real estate agents and home seekers.

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