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About Change Font Size - Big Fonts

If you feel that the default system font look too small and hard to see clearly? Tired of small size font on your android phone Or maybe you have any other issues and you want enlarge font size, you want to see big font, larger font for your phone display screen. So use this “” Big font “” for increasing the font size of your text.

Does the default font size are too big or too small? Big font sizer are much easier to read clearly and does not strain your eyes while using your phone. With this app, you can easily increase the font size to make the phone texts easier to read. You can increase the font size.

Specify your favorite font size for your text and keep it for your further use some people like a small size for text reading and some like big font, so this big font app resizer can do both functions according to the use. Make the default font size big and if you need to make it small so you can do it also.

The big font allows you to adjust font size from 100% to 240% on your cellphones/tablet, and after changing your font size you can also restore the size of the text to the default size. Start using the font size app to big fonts for android, which helps words become bigger and leads to effect for the eye problem and not seeing text on phone clearly who have disease-related to eyes or those have decreasing eyesight, So they can easily big the font size of the text.

Big font work accurate and good, also refer this app to your friend and family members You‘d like to font size app for your phone because words on your device are so small or so big; because you can’t see clearly the words on a mobile phone or simply you want to find a solution to increase or decrease the font size for the phone of your family.

Feature of Change Font Size - Big Fonts :

Increase the small font size to the big fonts for android according to your adjustment.
Big font Allows you to enlarge font size from 100% to 240%
Custom Mobile font size
Font Setting
Large Font

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