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Test your skills with an exciting new spin on basketball that everyone can play!
Race the clock as you try to make as many baskets as you can. But in space you can’t use your hands to aim the basketball – you must bounce it off a platform that moves as you tilt the device.

Use your quick reflexes to move the platform into place before the basketball drifts off into space. And, use the controls to make the ball more or less bouncy. It’s all about smart strategy if you want to get the basketball in the hoop!
With high resolution 3D graphics, Cosmic Ball is an out of this world game you won’t want to put down.


There are 9 thrilling levels to test your speed and coordination. Act fast because you can’t move to the next level until you make many baskets quickly. Earn bonus points for sinking the basketball from longer distances.
And, just when you thought you’ve mastered the game, exciting new challenges are thrown at you...
•Bounce the basketball off platforms with unusual shapes
•Avoid the obstacles to make the basket
•Keep 2 basketballs in the air without letting them drop

Features of the Cosmic Ball app include:
•Fast-paced action: Act fast to get the basketball in the hoop and move to the next level
•Challenging strategy game: With many fun levels, Cosmic Ball will keep you playing for hours
•Control the action: Tilt/swipe your device to move the platform before you lose the basketball