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New Disaster from the RollerBlades Survivor Hit Game! Voted As One Of The Best Survivor Games By Gamezilla.
Have you ever heard of the Zombies tornado wrench adventure? Do you like aggressive inline games and aggressive skating? Are you looking for some fast street Rollerblading game?
So you are in the right place !
RollerBlades Survivor Tornado will take you to an extreme world with this rollerblading adventure game :

• A 30 foot wall of TORNADO is closing in from behind, It´s the biggest Natural Disaster alert

• This TORNADO blows away everything on its way. There are Debris and People screaming like
for help

You will get to save your friends while an extreme dodge street adventure is waiting for you

1. So, What’s your mission on RollerBlades Survivor :

Your only extreme mission challenge is to Guide and drive Yuccies Pamela (¨Jasper¨) and Chris (¨Jay¨) using their quick spurt to evade the washout.

2. How to play RollerBlades Survivor :

• Put on your cool rollerblades and run as fast as you can to escape from the furious desert storm that
destroys everything on its way. When disaster strikes, you got only one goal: SURVIVE!

• Get on this epic rollerblading adventure to become the ultimate Hero and Survive all the Natural Disasters
on your way!

3. Highlighted features of RollerBlades Survivor :

*The best skating and rollerblading FREE game out there.

* A splendid journey comprising of flying cows, jumping friendly snakes, adorable mariachis, rails, Mrs Pam and much

* Save comic characters and zombies from the horrifying tornado and collect them as trophies.

* Buck and chop chop like a doe and avoid the downfall.

* Lurch, jolt and swerve against the wrench of mighty alert.

* Plunge and caper with your pdq movements and avoid the nosedive .

* Show your vivid talent with your rollerblades

* Equip yourself with brand-new rollerblades, cool helmet and charismatic attitude!

* Unique vivid HD Graphics optimized for retina resolution

* It´s FREE! Pure game fun time!

4. Enjoy it anywhere:

You can enjoy it at a temple, or while traveling in a real airplane or train, also in the subway, or in your car on
the road, in school or while running.

It's suitable for everyone; if you're a lover of mincraft, adventure, or speedy game you should like our game.

5. Light Rollerblading game:

Rollerblades Survivor doesn't consume data from your device. It´s suitable for all devices, phones, ipad, and all kind
of sizes

6. Age Rating:

RollerBlades Survivor Tsunami was created to be compatible with all ages

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