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Yo thug! I'm back on the street! Defend your turf!

Do you have what it takes to become the king of the underworld? With Instant Gangsta Photo Montage you are one badass selfie away from achieving the ultimate gangsta glory! Lots of cool gangsta photo frames and templates for a true pro photo editor! Feel like a true thug walking around the hood in the ghetto. Create “funny pictures” and cool photo montage of your friends. Get plenty of laughs with this photo editor free download, all you need is an Android device and you can be the baddest gangsta in town. This app requires a minimum of photo editing skills and provides so much fun! Get it now, roll down your windows, listen to your favorite rap gangsta music, show your bling and chill with Instant Gangsta Photo Montage for free!

✌ Lots of cool face in hole templates for your pictures!
✌ Make a cool prank with your friends' photos “in da club” & hood!
✌ Choose a pic from the picture gallery on your phone!
✌ Take a new picture and put it in one of the gangsta templates & cool photo frames!
✌ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag a pic to make it fit the frame as you like it!
✌ Save your funny pictures and pranks in gangsta face in hole templates, on your phone and set them as wallpapers!
✌ Share these hilarious insta images with friends on Facebook and Twitter!
✌ Edit your own photos like pro photographers, you don't need Photoshop™!
✌ One of the most popular Android™ apps, a must have when it comes to making funny pictures!
✌ Create your own gangsta photowall for free and enjoy!

You're looking for a cool face in hole photo montage that will give you plenty of laughs for free? “Instant Gangsta Photo Montage” is the right face in hole photo montage app for you! If you are not very skilled with photoshop, you don't like using photobucket or picsart and you would really like to have your own “photo collage editor like picnik” then this “free photo editing software” is perfect for you. You always wanted to create a badass photo of yourself walking around the hood in the ghetto but you never had the chance, here is your opportunity, don't miss it, make hilarious insta photos. Chill, smoke weed every day enjoying the music beats of Eminem, Drake, Kanye West , 50 cent or Jay Z. Live in the style 'get rich or die tryin' at least in a photo. Let your next episode be outta control! Montage photos in famous cribs, get your friends punk'd or get in the role of a regular hitman! Have fun in just a few taps on the phone screen!

Tired of stitching selfies and other pics on fb? Try sharing cool insta photo montage, gangsta style! This is the age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you must rule it with the coolest insta gangsta pics! Get the baddest “picture editor” in town and tell everyone my name is the baddest thug in the hood! Make a cool gangster background wallpaper for your Android and drop it like its hot! 'Should I laugh till I collapse', you wonder? Yes! Laughs are good and with this insta photo montage you get them for free! Get around your gang of friends and find out who's the best gangster of all! You don't need photofunia, photobucket or ribbet photo editor to create cool “photo montage” and be the gangster boss, all you need is an Android device! Pull a prank on your friends and post it to their Facebook wall! Join in the photofix mania and make your own unique “gangsta wallpaper”! Roll a pot and live like a king of hip hop in a few taps on the screen! Instant Gangsta Photo Montage is the coolest “free photo editing software” you have ever had! Take a #selfie and put your “face in a hole”, simple and effective photo montage for #Instagram! Your own personal #photostudio, create your cool new fb profile picture! Amuse your friends and be the gangster of the hour! Download Instant Gangsta Photo Montage face in hole and roll on the floor laughing!