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Characteristic Dangdut

1). The song, easy to digest so it is not difficult to be accepted by society.
2). Acoustic musical instrument, with standardization wither, like an accordion, flute, drums, madolin, and developments in this era is an electric organ and violin.
3). The rhythm is divided into three parts, namely the chanting (very slow), two songs (rhythm rather quickly) and makinang (faster).
4). The rhythm of the music is very melancholic.
5). The lyrics are still attached to the poem.
6). The building mostly very conservative dangdut songs,
7). Mostly composed of units of eight-bar 4/4 (rarely found dangdut songs with a 3/4 time signatures, except the songs of past Melayu Deli.
8). Poor improvisation, both melody and harmony.
9). Very rely tabla beats and syncope.
10). In general, no chorus, but has a second portion with a different melody building with the first part.

Have fun and hopefully be entertained.