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This application presents 7 perform the category of instrument music

1. Perform Guitar Instrument
2. Perform Piano Instrument
3. Instrument Love Songs
4. Perform Instrument Saxophone
5. Perform Violin Instrument
6. Perform Instrument Cellos
7. Mix Instrument Play

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8 Benefits of Listening to Music Instrument

Not only the obligatory love melancholy music with instrumental theme.
Many benefits with often hear this kind of music and if you make a hobby, it will certainly give a very positive impact.

1. Increasing intelligence (Motor)
Sedndiri motor skills are related to the demonstration and implementation of a person, usually in the form of talents and skills.
You can get used to listening to music instrument to create playlists instrument that is easy and you will frequently rotate.

2. Improve Brain Capability
Routine listening to music instrument can also help improve your brainpower. Other benefits for the brain is able to stabilize the balance of the brain, strengthen memory and increase intelligence IQ.

3. Focusing the mind
Useful for those of you who often fail to focus, a study to prove the person who used to listen to instrumental music will also be more focused in every circumstance.

4. Be Good For Fetal Development
How To Get The Smart Descendants mentioning one of the activities carried out mom is by playing the piano. The sounds produced by the piano keys can menenagkan hearts and minds of the mother and provide a good development for the fetus at birth.

5. Disease Drugs Inshomnia
Listening to instrumental music will be better and also more positive for you.
Instrumental therapies for diseases like insomnia, listening to your favorite music instrument with very much enjoyed, following the path of each sound will immediately make you fall asleep.

6. Good For Health
With a minimum of 30 minutes a day listening to soothing music such as classical music or the instrument will reduce blood pressure in the body,
which is certainly very useful for you or one of your family who have high blood pressure.

7. Increase endurance
Increase endurance that will make you rare disease.
A study showed that listening to music is also balanced with exercise it can make the condition of your body in shape and primed.
At least had the effect of approximately 15 percent for endurance.

8. Reduce Stress
When you start to feel tired, stress and signs of stress already started menyelumuti your mind. Choose a musical instrument that is not too troubled for this condition so that you are not carried away the feeling, but their end is that each tone is more focused on the mind so calm and refreshed.