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This wonderful application puts all college information, in one, easy to access, application, called University Finder. This app provides information such as tuition, student to faculty ratio, admission information, key facts, popular majors, student body construction, and much more.

This app is not meant to be the only go to resource, with long descriptive paragraphs on each college, but rather a starting point for juniors and seniors, and maybe even sophomores, in their college search. This app allows students an easy and convenient way to easily locate certain universities they might be interested in, or search for universities based on their budget, major preferences, size of student body, location of the universities, what type of students there are, and what type of alumni they have. The app even provides students with the average starting salaries of all of these universities, and the colleges with the highest paying graduates.

Like mentioned before, this app is meant to be a starting guide, which can hopefully narrow the students' search for colleges, and provide them with valuable information.

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