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Want to experience games you've never played before? Are you an avid enthusiast of word games? Are you a human being?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then step right into the welcoming doors of the Anagrammer Arcade!

Inside the arcade, you will find a host of minigames which focus on either word study or just plain fun with words.

Currently, the arcade has 8 minigames, but it will grow over time, with updates projected to bring in 1-3 new additions to the arcade on a weekly basis.

The 8 minigames available now are :

Anablitz - High adrenaline anagramming for some quick word learning fun

Scrab Slots - Play the slot machine minus the gambling and plus some word forming

S Wave - Good for learning the words that can be extended with an S!

Balancing Act - Good for rack management

Texas Hold Em Letters - Play poker but with a different kind of ace up your sleeve

Luck Sack Battle - 1 vs 1 mortal word combat

Scrablapse - Clear the falling tiles by forming words

Scrabjack - Blackjack as you've never experienced it before!

Dictionary used
CSW 2015 (The official english tournament word list)


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