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Interplanetary is a mix of the Launch genre and the Plane shooter genre.

An alien race has invaded, and though that may sound very cliche, this time around, the entire solar system... (barring the Earth itself) has come under occupation.

So guess what you have to do?!

Yup, with your base on Earth/Terra, you have to get a spaceship ready and journey all the way out to the planets one by one and kick those blasted intruders right back to where they came from.

To help you out with that, you will have access to numerous weapons, thrusters and other weird stuff (collectively known as fixtures) that you can awkwardly attach to your plane.

Both planes and fixtures can be levelled up but while planes level up with the standard method of collecting experience, fixutres have to be upgraded with special orbs that you collect from destroying stuff while flying. The upgrade orbs themselves are heavily randomized which allows for highly customisable equipment.

This game however is a demo version of the real thing (which is still under development), and in this demo version, you will only be able to fly to the Moon (Luna), and of course the list of available fixtures will still be limited. The full game, when I am able to finish it will contain trips to over 10 other planets as well as some of their moons and will contain a diverse variation of enemy ships, fixtures and ingame madness.

To recap, in this demo version of Interplanetary, you can
- Fly the 400,000 km from Terra to Luna (Its a short distance but it will still take quite a while to reach)
- Engage in combat while trying to push your distance as far as possible
- Customisable fixtures
- Complete over 30 additional quests by doing sometimes challenging stunts along the route
- Humiliate your enemies by using them to increase your own speed (aka draft/tailgate)

The full game will hopefully feature
- Over 20 locations you can fly to
- Missions that can be completed on each planet/moon for the purpose of liberation
- A dozen unique planes
- Over a 100 different fixtures
- Diverse enemy armada
- Utter Insanity.

Please enjoy playing the demo (As a demo, its free with no strings attached - The game may ask for permissions to in-app purchases, but no worries, there are none), and feel free to leave feedback for improvement of the game! Will love to hear from you :)

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