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Translator Simulator for cats is a voice prank and joke , works as a phrasebook and translator for cats and kittens. Translator offers its version of of sounding words in cat language, Imagine if phones could scan your voice and translate it to the cat! Say something to your pet in human language and hear the made up translation, tap on voice recorder button and let the cat hear it! Try to talk to a cat! most likely, will not understand you, Cat hears different phrases and reacts differently but they will hear familiar sounds! Who knows, maybe it affects them! Pretend that you can speak with your cat with the Translator Voice Simulator for cats! Break down the language barrier and talk to your cats!

Different cat voices (robot car, ghost cat, funnt cat and more)
Easy to use and free app to download!
Make pranks woth your freinds and let them try!

Language translator cat - simulator for the entertainment! The phone does not translate the cat language into human and Vice versa! A prank application for jokes with friends! Perhaps the kitten will react to the sound from your phone, but the developer does not guarantee the reaction of the animal!

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