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--Ultimate War Lite--
This is a single or multiplayer (Not in Lite version) shooter. If you have internet, you can play online against people from across the globe. If you want to just play against the CPU, you can play the Survival Mode. You can use the combination of 8 different guns, 9 combined kill streaks, 4 tactical and explosive weapons and play on 4 different maps. Defeat your foes in free-for-all style combat and become victorious.
- 8 Guns
- 4 Primary (M4A1, Beret .50 Cal, Flame Thrower, Machine Gun)
- 4 Scondary (Colt, Glock, RPG, Spaz 12)
- 4 Weapons
- 2 Tactical (Smoke Bomb, RC Car)
- 2 Explosive (Grenade, Claymore)
- 9 Killstreaks
- 3 Kills (UAV, Extra Ammo, Morder Shells)
- 5 Kills (Sentery Gun, Napalm Strike, Care Package)
- 7 Kills (B-52 Bomber, Attack Chopper, EMP)
- 4 Maps
- The Park - a small map with lots of trees
- The Storage House - a medium sized map with a large building in the center
- Winter Wonder Land - a medium sized maps with igloos everywhere.
- The Barracks - a huge map with many buildings and trees to hide in
- Server List (Not in Lite version)
- The Server List allows you to pick the server of your choice to join and play
- Game Modes
- Survival - Try to survive for as long as possible (Offline Single Player)
- Multiplayer (In Lite version for a limited Time!!) - Play in up to 10 player Free-For-All Battles against anyone on the servers
- Profile System *(Not in Lite version)
- Save your stats with device specific profiles. (Profiles do not carry over to other devices)

* - is not included in lite addition

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