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Grab a Minigun? Plasma canon? How about some Rockets! and jump into the arena with ninjas, robots, pirates and more while battling in space? No? A Graveyard! Only possible in Toon Arena!

Android's first! true! old-school fps inspired by games such as unreal tournament, halo and timesplitters.

✓ Coop with friends!
✓ Play online or offline.
✓ Multiplayer mode
✓ Everything can be unlocked FREELY!
✓ Interesting weapons
✓ Unique and whacky heroes
✓ Interesting arenas to fight!

Play alone or with friends against frying pan wielding zomb-maids, hook-handed pirate zombies, half machine goop gun wielding zom-bots and ZOMB-BOMBS! Will you survive?!

Play offline against cunning bots or online against other people like yourself. The perfect place to test out that shiny new gun you just unlocked and prove your skills.

Pistols, Smgs, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, Explosives, Heat-seekers, Goop guns, lasers... *out of breath* ... Toon Arena is all about shooting stuff in as many ways as possible!

From taking cover behind taxis in the city to shooting from a distance onboard a pirate ship. Toon Arena makes sure you have interesting locations to do your job!

No internet? No problem! Go solo against waves of zombies or duke it out with bots in warfare mode. Wherever you are, LotsOfLead has you covered.

Play with others worldwide.
Group up with and help other players survive against waves of increasingly weirder and wilder zombies or go guns blazing against every player you meet as you fight your way to the #1 spot. Your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: Toon Arena is free to download and play. However some game items can be purchased with real money. Please password protect for purchases in your Google Play Store app settings.

Submit your requests and help me make Toon Arena YOUR favorite android shooter.

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