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Do your friends treat you like a personal Uber driver? Do you ever want to send a text message to your friend on their birthday?

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, Forethought is the app for you! Forethought is designed to be an intuitive scheduled messenger app that carefully sends your messages when you want it to. Even though Forethought is a 3rd party app, it works with your default messaging app so you don't have to change what you like!

Now equipped with location based messages, you can send scheduled text messages while you drive without any distraction! To send a location based messages simply choose your destination, type a receiver's name, write your scheduled message, choose the number of miles before your destination you would like the message to send, and voila! Your location message will send when you approach the chosen number of miles before the destination.

Not only does Forethought have location based features, it also sends messages based on a chosen time or a chosen amount of minutes. To set up a time based message, type a receiver’s name, plan the scheduled message, and choose the time you would like the scheduled message to send. This is perfect for messaging friends on their birthday or reminding yourself to buy food at a certain time.

• Reliable scheduled messenger/future messenger
• Works with default messaging app
• Material design for modern feel/look
• Consistent updates based on user suggestions
• Perfect for reminding a friend or yourself
• Send messages based on location
• Eliminate the need to text and drive
• Intuitive tutorial for new users

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