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Its purpose is to be so addictive, you want to throw your phone on the wall but… you resist the urge because ‘you just need to get the next 100 points.

Why spend hours trolling the Internet looking for difficult games to master when you can download one right now!!!

Your Ninja Objective:

- Outrun the fire breathing dragon and collect the Magic Jelly Bean.
- Wait….. is there meant to be a second objective? No!

See if you can complete this objective! I bet you wont?

The aim of the game is to collect the magic jellybeans to gain points.

This would be very easy except for the one very small issue. There are Gigantic wide drops anywhere and everywhere in between.

You must use your Yoda like precision to finger tap and swipe your way through a barrage of terrain, tip towing the pagoda rooftops and leaping over cavernous holes trying to desperately keep in front of the fire breathing dragon.

Just like its other viral app counterparts, Jellybean Ninja has a one-life policy.

If you fall to your miserably graceful ninja death all of your points get reset to zero forcing you to start all over from scratch.

This will mean you’d want to carefully consider the ‘phone snapping risks’ before your epic fail, one jellybean off from 1 million points).

Like any concentration game, this app will test your quick reflexes and finger tapping endurance to keep on top of your game (literally) bouncing from rooftop to rooftop escape hot fire raining down on your but!

This app is perfect for the ‘competitive junkies’, the ‘obsessive game fanatics’ and just about anyone who can’t pull them-self away from the lure of an addictive game.

Don’t just play Jellybean Ninja on your own! Make a social gathering of it! Throw a lavish jellybean party in Ninja costumes! Surely your neighbors will not find you crazy and be interested to join in on the fun.

You will have a joyous time smashing your phones in rage with your friends.

The game is simple but we’ve added a few tactful controls to keep things interesting.

How to Play:

- Tap the button on the left side of the screen to jump
- Swipe right or click the boost button to (you got it) boost…
- Swipe down for power drop.

But hey, here’s a little secret!

Quick swipe and double tap will get you out of trouble if you realize that your pathetic effort of a jump isn’t going to cut it.

This neat little combo will make your ninja perform a super special secret martial long jump and mid air somersaults to get you out of your most dire situations.

- Enjoy this ridiculously addictive game.

- Please try to avoid smashing your phone in the first half an hour. (Wait an hour at least OK? Cool thanks…)

- Share your high scores with your friends.

- See if you can be the greatest jellybean ninja in the world!

(Imagine that title…. World’s greatest martial arts sugary bean collector…. Hmm… what a dream...)

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