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Sweetness over loaded, world’s most cute jelly jumper splash heaven here.
How to play jelly jumper splash!
Jelly fish is an arcade journey where you save underwater your jelly from horror creature crocodile the crocodile want to hunt jellyfish you need to save your jelly fish from crocodiles, you just simply happy monster jump and jump fast tap and jump super, right tap right jump make you live otherwise you wasted the jelly crushed immediately. When you gone up word beautiful underwater environment makes you more catching and more engaging more satisfying, there is a vast level of sea you will enjoy the jelly journey, no life limits no coins for more powers no need of any other disgusting things to get powers, your jelly jumper splash have a super natural powers.
Kids you want to dive in Pacific Ocean or my favourite Mariana Trench? Heart favourite of tourists Atlantic Ocean or hub of creatures Puerto Rico Trench Maybe you have a dream to fly in Indian Ocean but most popular and beautiful Sunda Trench is a big deal I bet you didn’t stop loving Southern Ocean your most deep ever in this universe South Sandwich Trench, Ok we discuss other things like Arctic Ocean and my dream Eurasian Basin a unique sea Philippine Sea fish hunter life Philippine Trench, every kids dream do you want your favourite jelly jumper splash Mariana Trench, Next level of colours Coral Sea no need of introduction Great Barrier Reef most popular now days in Dubai Arabian Sea, Want to journey in china? Now there is a South China Sea and West of Luzon most popular movies are make in that sea you want must live the life of pirates in that Caribbean Sea and only world best and deep sea now thereof Cayman Islands.
welcome to the world of sea CREATURES like Hawksbill Turtle, Steller Sea, Lion Hammerhead, interesting Sharks, Vaquita, dangers Blue Whale want to hunt your jelly jumper splash, mind blowing Florida Manatee, beautiful Kemp’s Ridley Turtle eye catching Fraser’s Dolphin and heart favourite fishes like your favourite Mandarin fish live Discus Fish colourful Flame Angel spicy Regal Tang LAMO Parrotfish world famous Moorish Idol most common Banggai clean heart Cardinalfish my favourite Clownfish want to live with Dwarf local popular Gourami most valuable French Angelfish and American Lyretail Anthias.
this is not a game this is a journey, of action and causal adventures, where you are start racing on board in arcade,, must resolve a puzzle, world of simulation action games now there is a jellyfish, in this you can see the bulk of sea creatures are there jelly want to jump and the underwater creature want to hunt jelly smash sugar mania, there is a huge creatures who want to hunt sweet jellyfish.
A sweet and delicious candy jelly fish is the best thing in that game. Sweaty needs your help for his life insurance you must protect the jelly fish. in this endless space game the endless hopper makes your space hopper and space marine, the hopper adventure make this endless arcade adventure more complex and more interesting, you need to do some bad and good tactics to beat the life styles. And other good thing in that game its jelly crush line , if you do not use your clever jelly mind you must wasted, the jelly rush is a theme who make your jelly mania more sugar and smashing.
Other big thing in that venture is an ice cream jump for kids you must jump from platform which is you friend jellyfish best friend green turtle.
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