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What happens to an ordinary Great White Shark when mutations start taking place? Combine sharks to evolve them and discover their most curious, exotic and bizarre monster mutations. Swim under the sea in this submarine aquatic evolution mystery adventure. Find out just how funny and clumsy these weird sharks can get after you breed and evolve them so many times! What will these hungry predator monsters become? What will they do? Evolve them now and read about their epic and curious forms as they grow!


> Tap to knock out other hungry sharks
> Tap again to absorb them
> Gain experience and evolve exotic mutations
> Read about your monsters evolution
> Swim the sea and be the alpha predator of your aquatic domain


• Many weird forms and bizarre shark species to discover
• A pleasant mix of alpaca-like evolution and a casual addictive clicker game
• Breed and grow your own mutant shark species by combining them
• Funny and quirky soundtrack
• Clicker game style mechanics

What are you waiting for? Download Great White Shark Evolution now and start breeding weird alpha predator mutations in this fun and quirky clicker game! Comments or suggestions? Feel free to shoot us an email at!

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