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Blood Pressure Test Prank will give you the most simplest way of checking out your blood pressure. Fingerprint Blood Pressure will calculates your blood pressure..
how it calculates the blood pressure...
this app is just prank scanner to calculate your blood pressure.
How to use :
- Place your finger on the scanning pad.
then wait for only few seconds for the result. if you want the most accurate results. The Fingerprint Blood pressure will calculate your blood pressure rate.
- Fingerprint Blood Pressure can Measure your Systolic and Diastolic Blood pressures and heart beat quickly.
Blood Pressure Scanner is a free smart phone android application for calculating blood pressure and hear beat rate.
Fingerprint Blood Pressure Scanner calculator is a prank application and it uses to prank your friends till then android has not ability to calculate the blood pressure of a human body, but your friends don’t known about this. So fool them with fingerprint blood pressure calculator.
An amazing prank application "Fingerprint blood pressure Prank". If you are a prankster you would definitely love this application. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is actually a prank application which calculates your blood pressure and is made for the people who just want to play pranks on others and want to show off the power of their latest android device. It is a must have prank application still in its initial stages. It is designed in such a way that one who is not aware of android can never get whether it is a prank application or real. People would think as if it is a real Blood Pressure Calculating application.
- Realistic looking scanner
- Simple to scan and easy to use
- Totally free for Android users
- Works with Android mobiles and tablets
- Clear UI and beautiful design

Disclaimer: Fingerprint Blood Pressure application at the moment is for just an entertainment purposes only, and at the time it does not calculating correct results. it's just like prank Fingerprint Blood Pressure will only displayed results on randomly basis. You can use this application for fooling your friends, prank your enemies

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