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Discover the world of Cosmic Balloons. Retrieve the coins and treasures hidden in the magic balloons. To advance in this physics-based game you need to solve puzzles, use the right tools, use your memory, focus, and act fast.


Once upon a time, an alien named MosiMosi found out about earth and decided to steal its wealth, so he traveled to earth to steal gold coins. He hid the coins in his cosmic balloons to take the treasure to his planet. You need to burst the balloons, get the stolen treasure back, and at the end, beat MosiMosi in a brave battle. Be careful! MosiMosi has many tricks!


• Four seasons and a variety of beautiful scenes in 63 levels.
• Physics-based game-play.
• Great for exercising your brain.
• Concentrate, use your memory, act fast, and use the right tools to accomplish missions.
• Variety of mission modes: puzzle, action, defense, and marathon styles!
• Collect coins and diamonds to buy tools, so you can accomplish missions faster and easier.
• Variety of fun to use tools available, including bomb, cluster bomb, spike, brick, nuke, and laser.

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