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Turning Tiles - Challenging Turn-Based Puzzle Game

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Turning Tiles is an awesome puzzle game that offers the best puzzles in the store. By the variety of levels, Turning Tiles offers difficulties for beginners, experienced and advanced players to enjoy the game!

Turning Tiles is the ultimate brain training in a fun way by the deceptively challenging puzzle levels! This free-to-play puzzle game works like a 2d Rubik's cube, but then with turns and different kind of game modes. Ready to try it out?

In Turning Tiles you have to complete the challenging levels to get all of the same colors in the same corner using turn-buttons, while having a certain number of turns. For example, you will finish with all 4 tiles of the color red in the top left-hand corner, all 4 tiles of the color green in the bottom left-hand corner, all 4 tiles of the color yellow in the top right-hand corner and all 4 tiles of the color blue in the bottom right-hand corner. However, this layout will vary per level as it doesn't matter what the layout is to complete the level.

All the levels can be unlocked for free by completing the previous levels. You can also purchase the function to remove ads (except when requesting hints) in-game. When you want a small hint, you can click the hint button (this is not necessary to complete the levels). After a video which you can skip after 15 seconds, you will receive your hint. Not satisfied with the looks of the turn-buttons? You can hide the turn-buttons in the menu for a better view on the tiles.

With over 50 levels and 4 unique game modes, Turning Tiles will challenge and train your brain. Turning Tiles currently includes the following game modes:

✦ Standard ✦

In this friendly game mode the turn-buttons do what you expect them to do, so does everything else, because this game mode is what the title says: standard. This game mode will guide you through the start and learns you how to play Turning Tiles. This first game mode has the most comparisons with a 2d Rubik's cube. "Standard" contains 20 levels to enjoy!

✦ You Decide ✦

The game mode You Decide is an awesome game mode that asks more input from the player: you decide how the starting layout of the level will look like. By placing the tiles on the right positions to complete the level later on, the fate is in your hands! After you finished your layout, you can play the level like at game mode Standard, but success is not guaranteed, cause there is only one suitable layout which can lead you to completing the level. "You Decide" contains 10 levels to enjoy!

✦ Extra Tiles ✦

"Extra Tiles" is just what the title says: there are extra tiles in the field. To be precise, there are two more colors which you should now also take care of: purple and orange. Now playing with 6 colors, it won't be as easy as before! "Extra Tiles" contains 10 levels to enjoy!

✦ Triple Turning ✦

"Triple Turning" will drive you crazy! This is perhaps the most difficult game mode to play, due to the player having less control than any game mode before. In the superior game mode Triple Turning, the tiles will turn three times instead of one, when clicking a turn-button. Even though you have 4 colors again to take care of, this game mode is a lot harder than it looks like! "Triple Turning" contains 10 levels to enjoy!

Watch the video in the header to see the game in action, but try it to really experience what this free 2d puzzle game is like!

Turning Tiles is at the moment only available for Android phones, but it will maybe be available for iOS in the future! Keep track of the release notes when there is an update to stay tuned!

If you like this game, please rate it, share it and leave a comment. As an indie developer your support is greatly appreciated and necessary. If you don't like something in the game, please email me at jip1912@hotmail.com and tell me why you don't like it. I want to hear your feedback and comments so I can continue to make this game better. Thank you for your help!

I hope you enjoy Turning Tiles!

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