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“Thanksgiving Turkey Run” is a free platform game where your goal as a player is to save the wild turkey from meeting its fate – the thanksgiving dinner! Help the turkey escape from the festivities of the holiday season, and its certain doom, by making it jump across the oncoming platforms. With a simple gameplay design, “Thanksgiving Turkey Run” is a truly amazing platformer that tells the story of the other side of the holiday season!

Help the turkey survive for as long as you can by making it jump from one platform to another. Tap once to make it jump, and twice for a double jump for reaching the more tricky platforms as you progress.

The goal of this platformer thanksgiving game is to help the wild turkey survive for as long as you can without getting caught by people chasing you for making a delicious thanksgiving dinner out of you. Keep the turkey away from the edge of the screen, as the hungry family of pilgrims are right behind you and you’ll get caught if you fall too far behind. Don’t forget to gobble up all the stuffing as you go along! After all – it’s thanksgiving dinner, why should you be left behind!


Simple and easy to understand gameplay

Highly addictive, and hard to master

HD quality graphics

Thanksgiving themed character and UI design

Challenge yourself – how long can you keep the wild turkey alive?

Help the turkey stay alive and escape from its fate. But the question is – do you have the skills necessary to do so? Can you become the true savior of the turkeys in this free turkey platform game? Why not find it out right now!

Download “Thanksgiving Turkey Run” today, and enjoy the festivities of the holiday season, and experience the side of the thanksgiving dinner that that no one talks about!

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