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7th Bullet: Zombie Survivors

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Everyone in MHS hospital has transformed into zombies. Monsters there craving to get out of the hospital and get fresh flesh to eat, and you are the city's only hope.

Single Player and Multiplayer modes.
Save everyone single-handedly or team up with another hero in multiplayer mode and save the generation from zombies.
Enjoy the fantastic sound tracks and graphics.
Start as a newbie and earn up to 6 more achievements. The city needs a dead master.
Benefit from getting more points and earn better guns.
One of the best multiplayer zombie games that crave heroes to join the challenge.
Chat and interact with the other hero in the multiplayer mode ( receive or send ammo, ask for help or help the other hero and many more)
Earn more points and upgrade your guns to the better quality guns in shop menu.
browse in the shop through the multiple guns and save the city!!!

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