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Indian Recipes App is design for Indian foods lovers. We are collected Indian foods recipes from across all India for you. you can learn how to make new and delicious foods via this app. Indian recipes app is now available free on google play store.It was adjudged as one of the Best Apps for Foodies, Best Apps for New Moms. Indian Recipes app that will help you rustle up something yummy and healthy, even if you are clueless about kitchen basics. Indian Recipe holds the traditional spicy flavors of Indian dishes. Try it out soon.

Regional recipes - India's regional food is very tasty. we have collected for you the recipes such as Rajasthani recipes, recipes Tamil, Telugu recipes, recipes Gujarati, Maharashtrian recipes, recipes China, Urdu recipes, recipes North Indian, South Indian recipes, East Indian recipes, West Indian recipes and many more regional recipes you get here.

Festival recipes - India made at Festival Foods are very tasty. You can also learn these delicious recipes for made it on the festival. Diwali recipes,Holi recipes,Raksha Bandhan recipes,Lohri recipes, Eid recipes, marital recipes,Muharram recipes,Maha Shivaratri recipes,Gudi Padwa recipes,Krishna Janmashtami recipes,Ganesh Chaturthi recipes,Eid al-Adha / Bakra Eid recipes,bhai dooj recipes,Merry Christmas recipes,New Year recipes,desserts recipes,cookie recipes,candy recipes,dinner recipes,cake recipes,Jamie Oliver recipes,cake recipes,punch recipes,breakfast recipes,pudding recipes, new year Filipino recipes,new year dinner recipes, new year's appetizers recipes,new year dessert recipes, Chinese new year recipes, Jewish new year recipes, new year cake recipe,birthday parties recipes,Navratri 2015 recipes, these all festival recipes you can learn it here.

We have integrated with recipes for paneer, recipes for salmon, low crab recipes, rice varieties, snacks,North Indian recipes, easy dinner recipes, Indian vegetarian food, Indian recipes with bread,easy dinner recipes, South Indian recipes, recipes for asparagus, Indian desserts recipes,Chicken recipes, recipes Healthy Foods,Non-Vegetarian to Vegan, Vegetarian, Drinks/Beverages, Desserts, Snacks & Sweets,Japanese recipes,Western recipes, etc.

Recipes Category - Here is the list of category of you get. Ice Cream,Raita Recipe,Sharbat Recipes,Soup Recipes,Salad Recipes,Jam and Jelly,Murabba Recipe,Pickle Recipes,Chutney Recipe, Roti and Naan,Paratha Puri Recipe, Vegetable recipes,Fry Saag Recipe,Kofta recipes,Curry recipes,Stuffed Sabzi, Kadhi Recipe,Dal Recipe,Taridar Sabzi,Traditional recipes, Bengali Sweets,Chikki Recipe, Peda Recipe,Kheer Recipe,Burfi recipe,Ladoo Recipe,Halwa recipe,Cookies Recipe,Cake Recipes,Pulao Recipe,Khichdi recipes,Cheela Recipe,Namkeen Chaat Recipes,Kachori Recipe,Mathri Recipe,Pakora recipes, and lots of more category you get here.

Learn how to cook traditional Indian food in an easy, step by step way? Give surprise to your family and friends by preparing delicious Indian food. Note - All recipes are in Hindi & English both language.

App Features:-

1. You can browse through the menu of more than 10,000 all the cooks recipes.
2. You can browse through all the Categories, Sub Categories and find recopies in each of them.
3. Find the List of ingredients with cooking instructions for each recipe.
4. Find recipes by cuisine. This recipes app for android has recipes from over 14 different cuisines.
5. App give you power to share recipes to your friends & family.

Special Highlights:-
* Microwave recipe ideas from famous chefs like Zakir, Ramsay, Rida, Astro, Rahat & Pineiro.
* 101+ Pakistani, Filipino and Urdu diet recipes.
* Learn how to cook cakes, cheese pizza, desserts, cookie and many more.
* Pure veg recipes for Paleo and Atkins diet plan.
* Healthy recipes across cuisines of Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati & Malayalam.
* Become a grocery meal planner for your family by cooking special low crab healthy recipes for you and your kids.

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