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Lets ask this. Do you like to shoot stuff??? I do but only in games, because shooting stuff in games is fun. So here is a fun crazy game. Pick your level and shoot stuff to get coins, points, bullets and lives. There are 3 different types of stuff to shoot at. First you have SPACE STUFF that has asteroids and sat-alight stuff. second you have RANDOM STUFF that has just a bunch of random stuff from a spider,gas pump, hamburger and much more. Last one is ZOMBIE STUFF that has well just bunch of zombies doing crazy stuff. Once you have picked all that out you get to pick your aircraft to shoot all that stuff. with 5 category's. There is JETS, HELICOPTERS, PLANES, SCI FI and OTHER. So lets get out there and shoot all that fun and crazy stuff and have fun! ! !


* 3 types of fun and crazy stuff to shoot: Space Stuff, Random Stuff, Zombie Stuff

* 30+ levels to go crazy and shoot all you want.

* 35+ aircraft models to chose from, in 5 different category's: Jets,Planes,Sci fi and other

* Fun bonus level to win coins

Lots more to come in future updates so have fun and thank you for your support.

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