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World Cuisine at your Doorstep 24 x 7 Delivery #NeverSleepHungry

The Night Life of India is changing. We are no longer bound by Time to Work or Play! We Work, We Rave and We Party until the sun rises. For all you night owls out there, you have cause for celebration! You now have the privilege of chasing the important aspects of our existence, because Not too far from you is the Café that lets you Party Hard and Work even Harder even in the middle of night, by providing you the Perfect Fuel:

Gourmet dishes delivered at your Doorstep ( 24 x 7 )

Now spend your valuable time with friends or watching your favourite movie, instead of cooking, or even moving for that matter while your delicious dinner is on its way to you. Seriously, why pay extra for your food, just because it's Late?


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