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About Planet Builder

With Planet Builder, you are the architect of your own solar system. Build planets and moons, and choose their attributes such as name, size, orbit speed, spin speed, tilt, rings, orbit distance, and appearance. Watch them orbit in real-time 3D, creating trails behind them as they circle the sun.

Want to make things interesting? Press the asteroid attack button and watch as asteroids knock your planets out of orbit! Or, shoot asteroids at them yourself with the Asteroid Cannon.

Make your sun go Supernova and turn into a black hole, and suck all your planets in.

Increase or decrease the sun gravity, or activate Planetary Gravity, which gives each planet it's own gravitational field.

Or, start in Quick Start mode and enter our Solar System, with all 8 planets (and Pluto!) and their major moons, and the asteroid belt. High resolution textures and recent pictures of Pluto from the New Horizons space probe add an extra layer of realism.

NOTE: For best performance, at least a dual-core 1.5GHz processor is recommended. Will work on all screen sizes, but will look best on a 7" to 10" tablet.

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