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***** SLURP !!!
What is Lick Poop ?
The Lick Poop is an APP that will attempt to either sicken you or move you, depending on the image you
are offered.
To watch alone or together with your friends, the nauseating or spicy scenes present simple tasks for you to solve using your tongue.
The scenes offered by this APP have been altered with details and words which make them stranger and more entertaining to those who know how to understand them.
There are three categories offered: free images, paid images, and paid sensual images.
The images in each category, which can be downloaded online, will grow in number offered daily.
The aim is to produce a content which is fun, mouth-watering, but never vulgar or offensive (including the sexy scenes).
Please note that some content might "disgust" people who feel more sensitive.
Note too that the sensual images will always be in good taste and in our judgement suitable for adolescents.
Bathrooms, toilet, WC are waiting for you !!!

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