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The great looking audiobook player.

As a person I love books, they are doorways to other dimensions and other worlds. Being a contemporary youth; always on the go, I found it hard to find time or focus for reading. This introduced me to audio books but I soon discovered that Android had poor support for these. There were some software available but they looked poorly or functioned poorly. The solution, as always, was to write something to fill that gap. And here we are.

AStory gives you just that, a story; no fuss, no functionality other than the basics. There are no bookmarks, no ads and no intrusive popups. When you are tired of listening you just dismiss the notification and the app is gone, no overhead and no background services. When you feel like listening again you'll notice that AStory always keeps track of where you left of.

It functions just as you expect it to and that it looks great to makes everything come together. The design is easy on the eyes and optimal for it's single purpose.

AStory's design is heavily inspired by the metro design language; some dislike it, some love it. I'm sure that after giving it a try you will notice how nonintrusive the whole concept of the app is and how it fits right into your phone usage patterns.

When you start AStory for the first time it will create a folder for you on you external storage called "Audiobooks" put your books there and please make sure that they have high quality images embedded, everything looks so much better with some eye-candy.

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