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Little Germs is the general puzzle game for kids, if you get used to the gem mania or fruit bump or this kind of games. You will not have the problem with this game because they have the same process of playing. The character in this game will be the little cute germ look like monsters. Each character has different color, this game has the sound effect to make game not boring and make the player feel more enjoy. If the player got the high score, the player will got the free item as the reward depend on how many score you got.

Information about Game
★ Destroy the grey heart, lost one HP.
★ If lost all HP, the game will over.
★ Destroy 4 germs at the same time; the player will get the one special germ.
★ Destroy one special germ; it will create the huge bomb.
★ Destroy one special germ the player will got score*2 within 1-10 seconds.
★ Destroy the normal germ, the time of Score*2 will be increase.

How to Play
★ Touch the germs and drag to next to germs to switch their position.
★ Switch the germ which has same color, make their position to be same row horizontally or vertically to create the score.

Item Information
★ The sandglass will told the timing, if all the sand gone mean that the score*2 time is up. You can get the time 1-10 second more (touch to use before time is up)
★ the medicine use for delete all the grey heart without lost any HP.
★ Hypodermic syringe substitute for you to play game one time.

★★★ If you Login with facebook, you will got the free item for use in every time of playing.

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