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Tap them all!
Monster Smasher hard game ever is a fun, arcade game for anyone who likes a challenge. This game monster requires skill and perceptiveness. The game was created for players with no age limit, ie for each player at the age of 6 to 106 years. Taking up the challenge of monsters defend the land, protect candy crush the tiny monsters. It is a challenge for the child, adolescent, adult, for grandmothers and grandfathers.

How to play: Monster Smasher hard game ever:
Aim of the game: You have to defend your cauldron of candy from a horde of hungry monsters. Nice, little monsters are coming from all sides. Rotate the world to find them all. Touch the monster to destroy it. Monsters in our game is hungry and evil monsters. You have to defend against them the greatest earthly treasure - candy.
  Game Features:
- Two game modes: light (normal in the know on the other hand, all kinds of tiny, evil monsters) and hot (we know after crossing monsters, monsters veterans, straszniejsi, Funnier, more hungry)
- To unlock the level of hot (this difficult) you need to go light mode (save the earth), - 10 live = 10 candies,
- 25 polished, hard, terrible, playable levels in each game mode,
- 5 types of monsters, each with a tiny monsters appear at several levels,
- 25 bosses, one at the end of each level,
- Each monster is different, different speeds, different looks, different resistance
- Monster special spirit - and you will destroy the spirit of gift - an award,
- Two types of bonuses - global and local,
- Three types of bonuses global, one impeding game player
- Three types of local bonuses, the center is the kettle,
- Rotate the world at your finger or arrow keys (arrows can be turned on in the options)
- Refined level of difficulty, speed monster grows with each level,
- Table top results, save your score and smite it, then let beat your score friend
- Bookmark info, explains in a simple and understandable way rules of the game,

Monster Smasher hard game ever, distinguished novel idea of simplicity and connection type games tap tap and beloved defense type games. We can destroy evil, hungry, little monsters enough to touch. We must defend the cauldron with sweets, which is in the center of the globe. Turn the ground, locate the enemy, destroy the enemy, defend candy. Become a champion, the greatest defender of earthly treasures.
The advantage of the game is also simple, transparent, funny and colorful graphics. Catchy tunes, fun sounds. Ability to disable the sound in the options. Younger undoubtedly appreciate the skill and manual page of the game. You will definitely get hot when you get to the last life. Think tactically and strategically, plan to use bonuses. Destroy them all.

Monster Smasher hard game ever is a great game for children, youth and adults, which will provide you a lot of good entertainment. We guarantee adrenaline, sweat and tears. Especially tears as evil, hungry monsters you take the last donut.

Our monsters are:
- Toxic (is green, angry and hungry)
- Unicorn (a red, is a bad unicorn and has a sticky tongue)
- Octopus (is blue, has tentacles and is strong)
- Spike (is yellow, has thorns, is angry and resistant)
- Potato (is gray, round, no hair and is the most powerful tiny monster is free)

Our application:
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• Does not contain any purchases in the application
• does not collect any personal data
• has a small amount of advertising compared to other games, this is our way to fund free access to the application.

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