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When everything is fast improving with the technology, why not improve your online buying experience too. What if there is a way to try the product you want to try before you buy them and more importantly at the comfort of your own home.

LiveRoom brings that dream into a reality. Using cutting edge Augmented Reality technology LiveRoom gives you the full freedom of choosing products from a wide range of variety including furniture, electronics, accessories, arts and many more.

More importantly now you don't have to go to a sales showroom to try a product because LiveRoom brings the showroom to you virtually.

LiveRoom is so easy to use. You can just,

1. Choose any product from products catalog.
2. Try them in your own home.
3. Interact with the products, select the best place and color.
4. Message the sellers for the best price.
5. Buy them when you like.

LiveRoom promises to keep up with the emerging augmented reality technology to enhance your online shopping experience.

So, as we always say... Move Back And Enjoy..

Never make another bad purchase!

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