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Square Rush is a simple game in which you have to pick the good squares, while you have to escape from the bad squares.
Beware of positive and negative power ups. Best arcade game in the market for the players who like square and drawings. Try to beat your friends by setting a high score in the game.
You can control your square with your finger.

Black square: It is your square.
Green square: It is a good square. Pick it to increase your score.
Red Square: It is a bad square. It will kill you.
Green circle: It is a power-up.
Red circle: It is a power-down.

1. 5x multiplier: Increases your score by 5 times.
2. Invincibility: Makes you immortal.
3. Slow Motion: Slows down the game.
4. Mini Square: Makes your square smaller.
Each power-up lasts 5 seconds.

1. -5x multiplier: Decreases your score by 5 times.
2. Evil Squares: Green squares will also kill you.
3. Speed: Speeds up the game.
4. Mega Square: Makes your square bigger.
Each power-down lasts 5 seconds.

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