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Want To Learn How To last longer In Bed? Want to learn how to stop premature ejaculation once and forever?

If you do - then join us and start using the “Longer Action” App.

Stop reading books about it, and self help guides. They did not help in the past, nor will in the future. Start training and improving yourself

The only way what helps is to train yourself away from premature ejaculation. Start really doing something against premature ejaculation by training yourself.

After many positive feedbacks from patients we decided to use the possibilities the smartphones add to our lives, and use them to give back the pleasure of having longer action in bed again.

So now we came up with an algorithm against premature ejaculation. All you have to do is to really be committed and stick with the training.

You decide how long the training will be, and you decide on the features the training has. The best thing however is to be reasonable and honest with yourself and use all possibilities the app offers.

Recent research showed that that on average women need 12-14 minutes to reach an orgasm. Whereas the average duration a man can last in bed is only 5 Minutes. Most man will however state higher (up to 45 Minutes!!!!) since the time perception is heavily distorted while one is in a state of bliss, what mostly does happen when a man is in bed with a woman.

Another research showed that premature ejaculators can be cured within an average of 15 weeks.

How it works:

Set up: Design your training:

In the first step you state how long you currently can go for (e.g. 30 Seconds), and in a second step you decide how long you would like to go (e.g. 12 Minutes), and after how many training sessions you would like to reach that goal (e.g. 30).

The app keeps track on your success and training. It gradually increases the time until you reach where you want to go to.

You can also add breaks (10 seconds where you stop “having action” ) or sounds (math questions, unsolvable questions, riddles etc.) , what will distract you and takes your mind of certain images and thoughts what will be take place while you have action.


So when you want to start with 30 Seconds and you would like to be able to go for 12 Minutes and you want to have 30 Training sessions to reach that goal, then the first Session will be 30 Seconds long.

The second time then will be 53 Seconds long and you need to try to be able to go as long as 53 Seconds and finish off at the end of the training and the app tells you so. If you succeed you can move to the next level (what in this sample will be 1 Minute and 13 Seconds), if you did not succeed you have to try again with the same time you did not succeed previously. The App will keep track on where you stand and helps you reaching your goal on every stage by pausing you at certain pre-calculated points, and playing distracting sounds during your training. So every time you restart the app it will try to improve your training.

Depending on how intensive you train yourself, in the sample above after 30 Sessions you will be able to easily go for 12 Minutes. Sometimes people need 5 weeks for that , sometimes 3 Month, but no matter how long they need for that, they are all more fulfilled afterwards.

Suggestion on setting up the app:

Based on theses research above our suggestion would be to setup the app the following:

Start with the time what is right for you (be honest and reasonable), and as a goal set yourself 14 Minutes. Set the app to 45 Training Sessions and spread them over 15 weeks. That is 3 times per week where you have to use the app. Other times you go for it, feel free to go as fast as you like. But of course do as you feel best, but stick with the plan the app tells you, and chances that you cure premature ejaculation will be very very high.

Be Fair, and give the App a chance: Please do not leave any feedbacks until you really completed a full cycle of a training.

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