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!!New cell-shaded graphics, better controls, smoother performance and more arenas!!

Fight the Flu! puts you in the shoes of a white blood-cell tasked with defending the body against the Flu virus and his gang. Use your rapid fire Vitamin-C cannon to shoot your way through 9 unique arenas. Don't let the bright graphics and up-beat music fool you, this first person shooter can deliver a real challenge. Put your aiming skills to the test in 3 unique game modes. Will you be able to destroy these viruses or will you end up getting sick?

Game Modes:

1. Survival: In Survival your only goal is to stay alive as long as you can. Collect clocks to refill the countdown timer. Destroy enemies to rack up your score. There is also a challenge version of survival which only spawns hard enemies.

2. Virus Elimination: In Virus Elimination your goal is to find and kill 15 enemies as fast as you can. The timer starts as soon as the level loads. Can you beat your best time?

3. Medicine Run: Medicine Run is the most challenging game mode. The arenas in Medicine Run are built like closed mazes. Somewhere in the maze will be 2 medicine bottles that appear in a random spot. It's your job to find both bottles as fast as you can. Like Virus Elimination, you will be going for the fastest time.


- No In App Purchases. You get the entire game for FREE
-Challenging game play with 3 game modes
-Simple controls that will be easy to pick up for anyone who has played a mobile FPS
-Blast your way through 8 unique arenas
-Go head to head with the Common Cold and Flu Virus
-Test your skills for the high score
-Free expansion levels (Ice Cave added on 7-1-14)
-Giftiz support (get 250 points in survival mode to unlock achievement)

Warning (please read): Game runs best on devices with:
- Dual Core or Quad Core CPU (at least 1.5 Ghz or higher)
- 2gb of RAM (or more)
- Screen resolution of 1280x720 (or higher)
- Android Version 4.3 Jelly Bean (or higher)
- 16:9 Screen aspect ratio (Wide-Screen)

If you device is below these recommended specs please beware that the game will not perform as designed and you may experience crashes or slow performance.

If you have any issues, please e-mail:

(Tested and runs smooth on: Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2013).

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